Presentations by Firm Members

“Code Enforcement,” North Carolina Municipal Attorney’s Conference (UNC-School of Government, March 23, 2018)

“Wireless Telecommunication Zoning after H.B. 310,” N.C. Association of Zoning Officials (February 19, 2018).

“Wireless Telecommunications Workshop,” sponsored by the Town of Carthage and The Brough Law Firm (N.C. Chapter of the American Planning Association, December 12, 2017).

“Reexamining Checks and Balances: Legislative Changes to State and Local Government,” Government and Public Sector Section (N.C. Bar Association, November 17, 2017).

Telecommunication and Public Rights-of-Way Ordinances, Town of Carthage Board of Commissioners and Planning Board (August 23, 2017).

“The Future of Water and Sewer Impact Fees,” Zoning, Planning & Land Use Law Section Annual Meeting (N.C. Bar Association, April 6, 2017).

“Illegal Fees and Attorneys’ Fees,” Zoning, Planning & Land Use Section Annual Meeting (N.C. Bar Association, March 18, 2016).

“Trial Advocacy Tips,” Campbell Law School Trial Advocacy Program (Campbell Law School, March 25, 2015)

“Professionalism Issues for Local Government Counsel,” Professionalism for New Attorneys Program (N.C. Bar Association, October 14, 2015)

“Protecting Endangered Properties – Prevention of Demolition by Neglect and Other Preservation Tools,” Preservation North Carolina Annual Conference. (Salisbury, NC, September 17, 2015)

“A Reluctant Acceptance of Public Private Partnerships in North Carolina,” Zoning Planning and Land Use Law Section Annual Meeting (N.C. Bar Association, March 27, 2015)

“A Discussion of Lanvale Properties v. County of Cabarrus,” N.C. Association of County Attorneys Winter Conference (U.N.C.-School of Government, February 6, 2015)

“Quasi-Judicial Procedures,” Town of Aberdeen Planning Board and Historic Preservation Commission (January 15, 2015)

“Fair Housing and Local Government Land-use Regulations Affecting Persons with Disabilities,” Town of Cary Board of Adjustment (October 6, 2014)

“Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations by Local Governments,” 2014 North Carolina Planning Conference (October 2, 2014)
“Managing the Attorney-client Relationship and Organization of a Legal Department,” Professionalism for New Admittees Program (N.C. Bar Association, May 15, 2014)

“The State of Local Government Powers after Lanvale Properties, LLC v. Cabarrus County and into the Future,” Joint Zoning, Planning & Land Use Section and Government/Public Sector Section C.L.E. Program (N.C. Bar Association, March 28, 2014)

“The Aberdeen Board of Commissioners,” Town of Aberdeen Board of Commissioners (February 27, 2014)

“The Aberdeen Planning Board: An Introduction,” Town of Aberdeen Planning Board (October 17, 2013)

“Quasi-Judicial Procedure,” City of Concord Board of Adjustment (August 28, 2012)

“Lanvale Properties, LLC v. Cabarrus County and the City of Locust and Its Implications,” N.C. Municipal Attorneys Winter Conference (U.N.C.-School of Government, March 14-15, 2013)

“Quasi-Judicial Procedure,” Town of Cary Board of Adjustment (March 22, 2011)

“Town of Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission,” Town of Aberdeen Historic Preservation Commission (March 21, 2011)

Lecture on “Litigation in Real Estate Development Process” course at Kenan-Flagler School of Business (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill, January 27, 2011)

Testimony on behalf of the National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, National Sheriffs Association, National School Boards Association, International City-County Management Association, International Public Management Association for Human Resources, et. al. in Opposition to H.R. 413, Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2009, before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions, 111th Congress (March 10, 2010)

“With a Little Help From My Friends—Negotiation Techniques,” N.C. Bar Association C.L.E., “We Can Work It Out—15th Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting,” (April 11, 2008)

Leadership Lecture (Elon University Center for Leadership, March 12, 2008)

“Constitution Day,” Lecture to Elon University, College of Arts & Sciences: “Exploring Some Common Constitutional Myths” (September 19, 2007)

“The Legal Responsibilities of the Landlord Under N.C. Law,” Housing Workshop (City of Roxboro, N.C., July 23, 2007)

“Professionalism in Your Practice” (Orange County Bar Association C.L.E. Second Celebration of Professionalism, January 26, 2006)
“Law Students and Lawyers in Professionalism” (Orange County Bar Association C.L.E. on Professionalism, February 12, 2004)

“Update on the City of Hickory Unified Development Ordinance” (Catawba County Bar Association meeting, June 12, 2009)

“Development Agreements and Conditional Zoning in North Carolina” (Moore County Planning Retreat, August 15, 2008)

“Origin, History, And Status Of Bill Dealing With Quasi-Judicial Land Use Decisions” (Law Seminars International Two-Day Conference, July 24-25, 2008)

“Senate Bill 212: Land-Use Permit Appeals” (N.C. Bar Foundation, May 3, 2007)

“Governmental Immunity” (U.N.C.-Chapel Hill School of Government, October 27, 2005)

“Judicial Review of Quasi-Judicial Zoning Decisions” (N.C. Bar Foundation, May 7-8, 2004)

“Getting the Most Out of Your Appraiser (Updated)” (C.L.E. International Eminent Domain Conference August 14-15, 2003)

“Local Regulation of Intensive Livestock Operations After Craig v. County of Chatham” (N.C. Bar Association C.L.E. Program October 4, 2002)

“Getting the Most Out of Your Appraiser” (C.L.E. International Eminent Domain Conference June 27-28, 2002)

“Neither Fish Nor Fowl: Conditional Use Zoning” (N.C. Bar Foundation, 2002)

“The Law of Depositions in North Carolina” (N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers CLE Program January 11, 2002)

“A Proposed Statute Dealing With Appeals of Quasi-Judicial Land Use Decisions” (N.C. Bar Foundation 2001)

“How Land Use Regulations Can Affect Property Values” (N.C. Bar Foundation 1999) “Appealing to and From the Board of Adjustment” (N.C. Bar Foundation 1997)
“Update in Telecommunications Law with an Emphasis on Cell Tower Permitting” (N.C. Municipal Attorneys’ Conference, August, 1997)

“Enforceability of Manager Employment Agreements,” N.C. City-County Management Association Winter Conference (Chapel Hill, February 9, 1996)

“Overview of the Telecommunications Act of 1996,” N.C. Association of Municipal Attorneys Summer Conference (Pinehurst, August 3, 1996)

“Rate Regulation and Other Issues Affecting NC Municipalities in the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act 9f 1992 and FCC Regulations and Rulings,” N.C. League of Municipalities Annual Convention (Asheville, October 18, 1994)

“Dolan vs. Tigard: The Supreme Court Advances Taking Law” (N.C. Bar Foundation 1994)

“Legal Issues in Obtaining Development Permission for Your Client Under Local Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances” (Wake Forest C.L.E. 1992)

“Liability of Local Governments for Damages for Unlawful Land Use Decisions” (N.C. Bar Foundation 1991)

“Recent Developments in N.C. Land Use Law” (National Business Institute, Inc. 1990)

“Legal Issues in Obtaining Development Permission for Your Client Under Local Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances” (Wake Forest C.L.E. 1990)

“Local Watershed Protection Programs,” Water Rights Resources and Quality (N.C. Bar Foundation and Environmental & Natural Resources Law Section, N.C. Bar Association 1990)

“Land Use Litigation Procedural Issues,” Land Use Regulation and Planning (N.C. Bar Foundation and Real Estate Section, N.C. Bar Association 1988)

“Vested Rights,” Land Use Litigation Seminar (N.C. Academy of Trial Lawyers 1987)

“Punitive Damages,” Seventh Annual Festival of Legal Learning (U.N.C. Law School CLE 1997) “Ethics of Witness Preparation” (U.N.C. Law School CLE 1996)
“Ethical Considerations in Civil Litigation & Appellate Practice” (N.C.C.U. Law School C.L.E. 1990)
“Legal Aspects of Drug Testing for Health Professionals” (N.C. Alliance of Allied Health Professionals 1988)