The Brough Law Firm would like to congratulate Al Benshoff on receiving the 2020 Grainger Barrett Award for Excellence. This prestigious award is given to attorneys who demonstrate excellence in and commitment to the practice of law in the government and public sector.

Michael B. Brough founded the Brough Law Firm (now The Brough Law Firm, PLLC) in
1988 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Today, the Principals of the firm are G. Nicholas
(Nick) N. Herman, Robert E. (Bob) Hornik, Jr., and T.C. Morphis, Jr. The other attorneys in
the firm are Albert M. Benshoff, S. Ellis Hankins, Kevin R. Hornik, and Brady N. Herman.
With offices in Chapel Hill, Concord, and Raleigh, the firm has a statewide practice primarily devoted to land use, local government, and school system work.